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Sixth Orientation


On May 12, 2023, Unlimited Technology conducted its sixth orientation program for AWS training. The purpose of the orientation was to introduce the participants to the cloud and its services, as well as to provide them with an overview of the AWS re/Start training program.


A total of about 72 participants registered for the orientation program. Of these, 32 participants attended the program.

Topics Covered:

The orientation program covered a wide range of topics related to the cloud and its services. Some of the main topics covered included:

- Introduction to the cloud and its benefits

- Overview of AWS services and its offerings

- Cloud computing models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)

- AWS security and compliance

- AWS pricing and billing and more.


Throughout the orientation program, participants were engaged in different activities to keep them motivated and interested. Some of these activities included:

- Inspirational videos related to the cloud and its services

- Games to reinforce key concepts covered in the program

Refreshments and Q&A:

At the end of the orientation program, light refreshments were served to the participants. They were also given an opportunity to ask questions and clarify any doubts related to the program.


The sixth orientation program for AWS training at Unlimited Technology was a success, with 32 participants attending the program. The program covered a wide range of topics related to the cloud and its services, and participants were engaged in different activities throughout the program. Overall, the orientation program was a wonderful way to introduce the participants to AWS re/Start training and to help them understand the benefits of cloud computing.  

Fifth Orientation

The commencement of our Unlimited AMAZON WEB SERVICES (AWS) re/Start training for second cohort, Unlimited Technology Pvt. Ltd. conducted the fifth orientation on May 8,2023, on Monday with 72 registrations in total. Among the total registrations, 22 were present where 3 of them were females and remaining 19 were males. As the attendees were proceeding, a notebook, a pen, Amazon Web Service (AWS) re/ Start curriculum along with name tags were provided to each one.

Like the other orientations, the fifth orientation also started with the introduction of the plenary speaker Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, CEO of Unlimited Technology Pvt. Ltd, which was further followed by the Nepalese National Anthem. The orientation program started as why the Amazon Web services (AWS) re/start training is deliberately called “re/start” as its target audience are those who are either starting or re-starting their career in cloud. Moving forward, the basic introduction of cloud and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) re/Start curriculum was also discussed in brief. Likewise, music video named ‘We are the Champions’ by Freddie Mercury was also played to communicate the attendees, as we all believed that we were champions during our childhood, however our determination and self-esteem becomes low as we progress further in life. Taking this song into consideration, the example of different personalities were given, among which one of them was Walt Disney, who was once called a man with no creativity and imagination during his early days but later turned out to be the most innovative person who sparked the imagination of people throughout the world. This was one of the best examples to motivate the attendees to not lose hope in life as hard work and dedication will always drive for excellence. The motive of our organization to launch a career with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide them guidance to strengthen their career in cloud computing by helping them to create job opportunities and establish themselves as a certified cloud practitioner with free certification exams was also delivered.

Ultimately, light refreshments were served, and the queries were answered. The program was full of enthusiastic people who were looking forward in learning new skills and zesting every obstacle as an opportunity to recharge, restart and refocus.

Fourth Orientation

On April 6,2023, with the collaborative effort with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Unlimited Technology Pvt. Ltd. conducted the fourth orientation program with 28 participations in total where 26 of them were males while the remaining 2 were females.

The orientation program initiated with the Nepalese National Anthem and was followed by the keynote speaker, Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, the CEO of Unlimited Technology Pvt. Ltd., through introduction of the company, himself, and his team. The main purpose of the orientation regarding the free cloud computing training for 12 weeks (about 3 months) was notified to the participants. Firstly, they were educated about cloud computing and the core services provided by cloud and how through scenario-based learnings, hands- on labs, and course work the learners could gain required skills for the entry level cloud roles. Secondly, they were informed accordingly where the Amazon Web Services (AWS) re/Start training would be a platform to improve their professional skills including adaptative skills, time management, resume building, interview preparation and finally with the job placements. Finally, the participants were informed about the free complementary Amazon Web Services (AWS) Practitioner Certification Examination which would itself be complementing them to unlock the opportunities in cloud platform and establish themselves as cloud professionals.

Penultimately, light refreshments were served, an introduction session among each other and calculation games were played, and all the queries were answered. At the end of the day the program accomplished its purpose as participants seemed encouraged and motivated to join the training.

Third Orientation

In collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), our organization Unlimited Technology Pvt. Ltd. organized the 3rd Orientation program on March 24, 2023, Friday where 48 attendees registered in total. Among them, 16 attendees attended, where the number of females were 4, while remaining 12 were males.

The inception of the 3rd orientation program was similar to the 1st and 2nd orientation with Nepali National Anthem. The plenary speaker at the event was Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, CEO of Unlimited Technology, who introduced the company, himself, and his daughter Dr. Alisha Tuladhar to whom the AWS re/Start training program is dedicated in her memory. Further, he continued with the introduction of Amazon Web Services (AWS), with illustration of how big companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, Pin interest, Reddit and so on use Amazon Web Services (AWS) and thus, AWS holds the future. The detailed information about the training program to develop skills in several areas like Linux, scripting, automation, Python, other AWS core services including EC2, S3, IAM, VPC, Lambda and more was also delivered. The attendees were also informed about free learning materials, hands on labs, assessments, sessions with instructors and additional resources. He also communicated with the attendees to make the orientation session more interactive to share their thoughts and opinions. Later, to make the atmosphere more fun introduction and calculations games were played like 1st and 2nd orientation. Amid the event different videos were also played denoting how everyone wants to become a champion and how Amazon Web Services (AWS) re/Start would be an opportunity to all to establish themselves as professionals in cloud platform to transform their hope into reality. Ultimately, light refreshments were served, and doubts were answered.

Summing up, the 3rd orientation was beneficial for the attendees as they really seemed motivated and encouraged to do something in this field to enhance their capabilities.

Second Orientation

On March 17, 2023, Unlimited Technology Pvt. Ltd. organized Unlimited Amazon Web Services (AWS) re/Start orientation program for the second time, where total of 70 applicants registered in total to join in. Among them, 28 attended the orientation program which lasted for about two and a half hours. As compared to first orientation, the number of females increased and reached 8 in number whereas, 20 of them were males. 

Before the commencement of the program, as the attendees were proceeding, “Saya Thari Baja” a folk music, was played in the background to denote every learner is different with different capabilities and are best in their own way and later be on the same page after the training. At 3 pm, after everyone arrived the orientation program began with Nepalese national anthem. The primary speaker at the event was Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, CEO of Unlimited, who first introduced himself, the company, and his team. Further, the program began with the basic introduction of cloud concepts, AWS core services and programming concepts. The main objective of the program was to effectively communicate with attendees to prepare them to think critically, build multi- level projects and plan projects. To make the program more interesting examples of different personalities were also demonstrated. For instance, professional basketball player, Michael Jordan who failed to get selected in his school basketball team but later became the greatest basketball player of all time. Similar references were given of other personalities like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Thomas Edison and so on to make them understand that no one is perfect in the beginning, it is the continuous effort and time that makes them perfect. These references were given to illustrate that the Unlimited AWS re/Start training is a curriculum for every individual even who does not belong to IT background, hence, beginners are encouraged. Thus, the training would provide flexibility to all the learners from basic level to practitioner level and complement them with certification exams. Additionally, introduction game and calculation games among the learners were also conducted as first orientation to make the atmosphere more fruitful and interesting. 

It was interesting to know that four (4) hearing impaired learners had also applied to be part of the program but since a sign interpreter was not present at the event, they were not able to take the full benefit of the orientation. 

Further, the attendees were informed about the learning resources, hands- on lab, office hours with instructors and to grow towards specialized roles such as Architects, Developers and System Operators. Ultimately, light refreshments were served, and queries were answered. Overall, the second orientation also had a favorable outcome.

First Orientation

Unlimited Technology Pvt. Ltd organized the Unlimited Amazon Web Service (AWS) re/Start orientation program on March 10, 2023, where 60 applicants registered in total to participate. Nevertheless, 25 attended the orientation program that lasted for 2.5 hours at the Unlimited office auditorium. Among them, female participation was 3 while remaining 22 were males. 

The orientation program's opening began with Nepalese national anthem and the introduction of the leaners, respectively. The keynote speaker was Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, CEO of Unlimited, who first introduced himself, Unlimited Company, and further took over the presentation with the introduction of cloud concepts and key technologies offered through cloud. The main objective of the program was ‘You,’ ‘Technology’ and ‘Opportunities’ where the foremost focus was ‘You’ as it represented the learner who were the future to use those advanced technologies to unlock the opportunities within Nepal or abroad in cloud platform and establish themselves as cloud professionals. 

Each cohort of learners were also informed about the AWS re/Start training where they would be supported by professional mentors, accredited trainers, training cloud curriculum, hands on labs, projects, soft skills required to be successful in their professional careers and more. The main aim of the program was to build a diverse channel of entry level cloud talent was also delivered, where each learner would have flexibility in getting straight into the curriculum training without experience in cloud. Additionally, the Unlimited AWS re/Start training would provide free AWS Exam Certification in practitioner level to aspire one’s goal. The presentation also included some videos and calculation games to make the orientation more interesting, fruitful and to keep engaging with the cohorts.Light refreshments were served, and learners queries were answered. The feedback video of the cohorts regarding their thoughts over Unlimited AWS re/Start were taken summing up the program. 

Altogether, the program was a success as everyone seemed motivated and eager to join Unlimited AWS re/Start training soon. The assessment test link was sent to them via their email later that evening.

Here is what the participants in the first orientation had to say about why they chose to apply to be part of the training in Unlimited AWS re/Start Training.