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Access to Technology 

Access to Technology through this program, we have been providing access to latest Microsoft Technology software to academic sector free of cost without any obstacles. Each year, through this program about 75,000 students from STEAM-D receives access to genuine, legal Microsoft software at zero cost.  

Capacity Building and intellectual capital

Capacity Building and intellectual capital through several training courses, employment programs and mentoring experiences covering not only technical skills but also business skills required to support local entrepreneurs and small ISVs.

Fostering local business growth

Fostering local business growth thru industry partnerships programs on how to work successfully with Microsoft, as well as through the cultivation of local and regional industry alliances; working with local incubators, technology parks and universities to support ISVs, System Integrators and Startups on business development activities. 

increasing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Increasing Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the local level through hands-on engagements, such as labs geared towards the interests of ISVs, startups, partners, students and entrepreneurs (examples include proof of concept, scalability and architectural reviews, interoperability labs, etc.)