बिल गेट्ससँग ताज होटेलमा मिटिङ गरेर नेपाली माइक्रोसफ्ट बनाउँने एलेन बाइलोचन तुलाधर

Here's the interview of CEO Allen Bailochan Tuladhar with Ratopati.

Watch here:https://fb.watch/pRLQ0VWWnC/

ICT Frame

ICT Frame

March 5 2023

ICT Frame online magazine reported about the announcement of Unlimited AWS Re/Start Program in Kathmandu, Nepal

Unlimited has partnered with the largest cloud infrastructure company in the world: AWS to impart the highest quality training to out-of-college youths who are unemployed or underemployed.

AWS re/Start is a cohort-based workforce development training program that prepares individuals for careers in the cloud and connects them to potential employers. The program is accessible to the learner and focused on helping unemployed or underemployed individuals launch new jobs.

This training is being offered FREE OF COSTS to the learners in loving memory of the Late Dr. Alisha Tuladhar, whose online memorial is here:

If you know of anyone who could be interested kindly have them apply for this program: Click Here

Recruit: Leverage Unlimited AWS Re/start to build your own pipeline of diverse, entry-level talent.

Work/Study Partner: Participate in 6 months of Internship or Apprenticeship efforts to provide real-world experience to the program graduates.

Sponsor: Align Unlimited AWS Re/start with CSR initiatives to build a diverse, inclusive, talent pipeline for your organization or ecosystem.

WNO Daily Broadcast

Here's the interview of CEO Allen Bailochan Tuladhar at WNO Daily Broadcast, Presented by World \newah Organization:https://www.facebook.com/worldnewah/videos/983189956079628/